Saturday, September 28, 2013

Outside Today

The Chickadee's were enjoying a bath.

I was sitting in my chair near the window after taking a picture of the birds in the birdbath when this Black Capped Chickadee landed on the edge of my opened window.  Sorry for it being taken through the screen but that is where he landed.

Then he went down for a drink when the other birds left.

And this is the last of the  Trumpet Vine blooms but guess what else is in bloom?  It is my spring blooming Clematis of all things.  That was a surprise to me.


  1. My sparrows enjoy a good bath as much as yours! I've seen a chickadee or two around here, but not very often. My one iris was in bloom the other day.

  2. You still have quite a bit of colour out in the garden. It's been a lovely few days here, quite warm too


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