Thursday, September 5, 2013

This and that

Here is the layout for Hubby's quilt.  Now I just have to find time to sew it together.  This was suppose to be a sew along from Terry but I got ahead of things and so did she.  Check hers out too.  It is different than mine.  Her's is scrappy with sashing and corner stones and mine just has 35 different fabrics one in each block.

I saw on a blog what people were using large card catalog files for.  This is only a 2 drawer card cabinet I got from a friend a long time age and about 6 months ago I decided to store my threads in it.  It is not neat in this picture but it was when I started.

These are the beautiful Sept. clouds that were around today. 

I love the glass mushroom Terry gave me and have decided to make some myself.  Which I have done.  Today at Goodwill I found this tiny bowl and a pretty candle holder that I think make a adorable mushroom.  The only thing is I can not fit a battery operated tea light under it like I can the bigger ones.  If you missed them check back on my older posts for them.


  1. Your blocks look great all laid out like that. They'll look even better sewn together. Love the card file! :0)

  2. Your quilt looks beautiful and I love the thread storage drawers.

    The fall skies look so pretty as does the fall arrangement

  3. It does look good laid out like that, and now Terry has changed her plans, she's not far behind you


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