Friday, May 9, 2014

Crazy Cats, Thread Catcher and Doll quilt tops.

These neighbor cats are always being crazy and doing funny things.  The yellow one is in the Trumpet Vine Dale cut off last year.  It can't be too comfy in there.

My thread catcher from a jeans pant leg and some scrap fabric.  It hangs next to my sewing machine.

Here are the next 4 doll quilt tops I have ready for the inside, backing and binding which I should get Tues.  I have lots more I will be making from the box of pre-cut squares I was given.  They are about 25 inches square.


  1. Great idea for a thread catcher. You've been busy with the quilts, it makes it so much easier when you can play with the squares already cut

  2. Cats will go most anywhere! The quilts look great! :0)


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