Saturday, June 7, 2014

Color Change Is Coming

We decided we needed a color change on our mobile home shutters.  They have been country blue and then changed to a country green.  Now they are going to be Suede Gray.  Hubby made these many years ago.  We have 12 pair all together to paint.  Here is a before picture but not the other day when we took the first 6 pair down.  I forgot to take a before picture.

Here the shutters are all painted and drying.  I did the brush painting of all the edges and between the boards where the roller would not get.  One coat did a good job.

Dale (Hubby) is painting the trim by the porch roof.

Here he is painting the screen door to the porch.

They dried very quickly so several hours later they were put back on our home.  This is the north side and they look darker because they are in the shade.

Front view also in the shade.

This picture shows more of the true color because there was a little more sun on it.

Closer view of a shutter and this looks lighter for some reason.  

Only 6 more pair to take down and paint and get put back up.  But that will be another day.  We both had enough for one day.


  1. They look great! You'll have to come down and help with mine next! :0)

  2. Very nice Tudy. Almost like getting a new house.

    The yard and your flowers look great, hard to believe it was all under snow a short while ago.


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