Sunday, August 3, 2014

Flowers, Skies and Giveaway

Here are the flowers blooming today. This poor Rose looked like it was a gonner after our nasty winter but it came back.  It is only about a foot tall and the blooms are not pretty but it made it.

These Lilies just keep blooming even though they are near a Black Walnut tree that has killed off a lot of other plants.

Coming home from our son's Saturday night these were the clouds we say and the sunset.

If I counted right this is my 1000 post since Jan. 2009.  I will have a surprise giveaway on Fri.  Please just comment on this post and do not pass it around.  I want one of my regular followers to win.  I have loved my years of blogging and wish to give someone a nice gift.  I want to thank my daughter Terry for getting me started and all the help she has been.


  1. Oh your flowers are beautiful, I love your lilies, so pretty. I loved your stargazer lilies too... your garden has such pretty flowers.
    WOW!! Your sky and cloud pictures are great... I see a squirrel! ha ha
    Another WOW!! 1000 posts.. gosh!! Go you!! I love blogging, its the best thing I have done... I 'meet' so many talented people and everyone is lovely. You too make such marvelous things... your turtle was so cute and I love all those little quilts you make.. to make others happy.
    Happy blogging!
    Smiles :)

  2. You're welcome...congratulations on 1000 posts! Hopefully your rose will come back better next year. :0)

  3. My dad used to call roses "weeds" because they managed to survive through difficult times.

    Congratulations on 1000 posts. I have quite a ways to go to catch up with you!

  4. Wow, it doesn't seem that long ago

  5. Your photos are beautiful Tudy. Congratulations on your 1000 posts, time goes quickly when you are having fun. Hugs.....

  6. Love those lillies Tudy! They tend to be a very hardy plant...such a lovely pictorial post...congrats on 1000 posts! Wow, that is a big milestone in your blog...I am so glad to have found your blog and love coming here and reading what you are up to...I hope you reach the second thousand soon as well...have a great day and thank you for having a giveaway for those of us who read your blog.

  7. Your flowers are doing great Tudy! (which is a blessing after the horrible snowy winter you had)

    Clouds are certainly ominous...we get our fair share every afternoon here. We've had storms for days on end. Hard to get anything accomplished after work.

    Congratulations on your blogging longevity. I love reading your's and Terry's blogs.


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