Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Project, New Quilt and Herman

Here is a 3 piece purse set I made for a friend.  She supplied the fabric and I did all the sewing.  There is a small purse for over her head and shoulder, cell phone case that is hooked to the purse or can be unhooked, and a glass case.  She gets it tomorrow so I am waiting to see how she likes it.  I do not think she will be looking at my blog this late to see it before she gets it.

These are the 5 inch squares I am using for my Charming Star Quilt Sew Along with Terry.  I did not have charm packs so I cut all my squares.  I just need to get my fabric for the star part and get it cut and I will be ready to sew along.

It is that time of year again that I start my sour dough called Herman to make all my Christmas breads.  It is one that you bake every 10 days.  I will have enough in the freezer by the middle of Oct. to give to all our friends.


  1. What a great set, I'm sure she'll be very pleased. Have fun with the QAL

  2. I like the fabric you used for the bag and accessories...I'm sure she'll love them! :0)

  3. A wonderful set Tudy, I'm sure she will love it. Hugs....


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