Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wayne County Fair, Wooster Ohio

We went to the fair on Sat.  These are the pictures either myself or hubby took.  Here they are washing the animals to get ready for showing.

She must have been tired.

Having breakfast.

This is a Scottish Highlander being washed. 

Close up, they have very long hair.

This Miniature Horse and her baby.  The baby was not even 24 inches tall.

Hubby looked at the tractors.

We watched the Horse Pull and the team with the dark gray horse won the light weight class.  They were from Maryland.  We started watching the heavy weight class but it started to rain so we went and ate BBQ chicken.

I love this jacket.

I love these 2 quilts.  The one on the right has pieces not an inch in size.

I like this one too, sorry it is a little blurry.

This painting of canning jars look so real.  It could be a photo but it is not.

Did not stay too long after seeing all the stuff in the buildings because of the rain.


  1. It sounds like a fun day. They did not allow any washing of the animals at our county fair this year because of our drought.

  2. At least the rain only lasted a couple of hours. It sure got chilly after that though.


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