Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Night and The Next Day

This is what came down after we got home from Terry's Thanksgiving night.  Our security light makes the pictures a funny color but the snow was really coming down.

This is the snow we got overnight.

Today we decided to get out the Christmas stuff and decorate.  This is the new wall hanging I made for above the TV.

I made this for the door way a few years ago.  It was a 7 month stitchery.  You only got 1 pattern at a time.

Our tree this year.  Hubby did most of the decorating.  I did put the crocheted/bead garland on.

Garland and handmade ornaments.

Better picture of my garland.  I did this many years ago and have used it often.  I have 5 lengths of beads that I crocheted over.

Ribbon German Folded Star.  I have made these from paper and ribbon over the years.

Star Terry made me last year.  It is made of fabric.

My Bear Nativity.  I have had this a long time.

The door hanging I made last year.  I did not realize it was the same pattern as the new wall hanging I made this year.  I remember stitching several of this same pattern but forgot I used the red one last year.

I think we are now ready for Christmas.


  1. Wow...we didn't get any of that snow last night! Love the tree and the ornies. I have my bear nativity out too. :0)

  2. Look at the snow!!! It was 93* here yesterday.

    I love that crocheted garland. Your decorations look so pretty. You are waaaay ahead of me.

  3. Hadn't realised you'd had more snow. Hope it doesn't stay around for too long

  4. Looking good. The crocheted garland on your tree is so cute. Love to see all the handmade things. Very pretty.

  5. I like your country decorating for Christmas! The wall hangings you have made are so pretty. If you have time visit me at my blog. It is Thanks. Nancy

  6. Trying to catch up on my blog reading...I really like the stitchery hanging that you the patterns still available? So pretty.


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