Thursday, February 5, 2015

Sewing and Bowling

Here is what I did with the extra blocks from my Charming Star Quilt.  I made a throw out of it.  I just tied it with a fuzzy blanket on the back, nothing inside.  I brought the blanket around to the front and zig-zagged it in place.  

This is where it will hang for now.

I made this for a friend.  She said since she moved she could only find 1 needle. I am sure this will help her find more now because I put an assortment in it for her.  I had done the stitchery a long time ago.  I added a button to cover where the rick-rack comes together.

We bowled again tonight.  I did okay on the regular bowling but nothing special but on 100 pin I did very well.  5 strikes, a spare and then 6 strikes for a new high score.  That is 200 pins over my last new high score.  Sorry the picture is blurry but my camera does not like taking pictures of the TV.


  1. Your throw looks great on the back of the rocker! :0)

  2. I love what you did for the throw. It looks great there. The needlecase is beautiful - so dainty and pretty.

  3. What a lovely throw, and a great way to use up the extra blocks. I'm sure the needles and needlecase will be much appreciated


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