Friday, August 21, 2015

Flowers and scarf

Flowers in bloom now. My all white Hibiscus. 

I planted Vinca This year in my pots and they are doing great. No work at all and always blooming.

My Trumpet vine.  They are more orange than this picture shows.

Miniature Sunflowers. This is is the 2nd kind to bloom.  One more to go, since I planted 3 different kinds in this pot.

Close up of the Sunflowers.

 Here is a scarf I just finished making.  Not sure what I will be doing with it but used up more of my yarn.


  1. Your flowers are gorgeous. I love the white hibiscus.

    I'm sure you will find an owner for that nice scarf!

  2. Pretty flowers...I can't wait for my sunflowers to bloom.

  3. The garden is looking beautiful, those sunflowers are so cheerful


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