Tuesday, May 3, 2016

3 more Doll Blankets

Here are the last 3 doll blankets for the Giving Doll.  A friend gave me a bag of baby yarn and this is what I did with some of it.  This is a mint green and cream blanket worked as a large Granny Square.

Close up of the color and stitches.  I like to put a row of singles aroud the edge of these blankets.

This one is made with 2 strands of very fine baby yarn worked at the same time.

This is a new Wobbly V-Stitch pattern I found.  I worked it in smaller squares and ladder stitched them together.  Then a row of doubles around the whole thing to make it big enough.  I love this one even if I hate to sew blocks together.  It is the same green and cream as the first one.

Just a close up of the stitches.


  1. The blue yarn is so pretty! I love that last blanket! :0)

  2. That last one is really pretty, I agree, that edging just finsihes them off nicely


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