Sunday, September 8, 2019

Wayne County Fair

If some of these pictures are blurry it is because someone moved the gates I was holding my camera on.  Sorry about that.  Dale took the animal pictures.  He did not take any tractor pictures this year.

We watch the horse pull every year and here they are coming up to the weight sled to hook on.

Starting to pull.

At the end of a heavy pull.  They add weight after each round.  There were 7 teams in the light weight class this year.

These are some of the plants in the plant building.

Now for my favorite part.  The hand work.  This quilt was just so beautiful.

Crochet or knit work.

Now some cross stitch.

This was wood burned.

Sorry it is blurry but the buffalo are carved in the middle of what someone said was an elk horn.  I do not know that for a fact that is is an elk horn.

This is a painting.