Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wayne County Fair Day

This is the view of the morning fog on our way to the fair, taken from the passenger seat of our van. I love the fog when it is not on the roads. It was just laying in the fields.

These pictures are in the Home and Flower building. I love these quilts.

These quilts were in the Grange building. They are older quilts.

I collect old green glass jars and these were displayed very nicely so I could not resist taking a picture of them. They are also in the Grange building.


  1. We had fog like that here too this morning. Nice pictures of the quilts! :0)

  2. In the quilt picture the one to the left of the barn (kinda right in the middle) is my sisters. My mom and I have one exactly like it. It was a BOM about 8 years ago at the LQS.


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