Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

I know I am a little early with this but I wanted to wish you all a safe and Happy New Year. Be back to post next year.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day and Ohio Weather

This is sunrise Christmas morning. No snow here in Ohio for Christmas.

A few minutes looking farther south from the front window.

Shortly after I took the sunrise pictures I heard a funny noise out side and this is what I saw. Thousands of birds. They looked like leaves on the neighbors trees.

This was sunset on the way home from our daughters.

Today started of early this morning with a heavy rain. Then about 3:30 PM it started snowing large flakes. It made the woods across the road look like it was foggy.

Can you see the big flakes? Click the picture for a better view.

This was about an hour later.

This was about 2 hours later.

Now it is a very fine snow. That is Ohio weather. Wait 10 minutes and it will change.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I want to wish all my blogging friends and family a very safe and Merry Christmas.

This is the cover of this years Christmas card I sent out. I put a self adhesive star on the star.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Family Christmas Gifts

This is the basket I made for my daughter Terry. It is larger than a 9x13 pan. She has wanted the one I made for myself years ago so I decided to make her one for Christmas. It was a nice surprise. I have been making baskets since the 1980's but not many since the year 2000 when I went to work for 5 years.

This is a basket I made for my daughter-in-law Terri. It holds her favorite wine.

My son is a Harley rider so I ask a friend if he had an old Harley t-shirt and he gave me this one that I made into a pillow for Eric. This is the front. The next picture is the back.

This is the ornament I made for everyone this year. I made over 25 of them.

This is the gift I got from Terry. A great wall hanging and a cute spool ornament. I really love them.

This is the gift I got from Terri and I love it too. Both Terry and Terri are very talented.

This was sunrise Monday morning. I love sky pictures and how different they can be.

Friday, December 16, 2011


No pictures because I have finished all my Christmas gifts awhile back. I have also been busy making a few sweets for our Christmas.

Hubby just finished a series of 3 nerve block injections in the hospital as an out patient and they seem to have helped some already. He is sore today because he got the last one this morning. He sees the doctor in Jan. and will then start physical therapy. His leg will take awhile to get the muscle built up so it will hold him up when walking. He has been on crutches for about 6 weeks now. He has gone through this twice before so I know he can do it again.

Pictures will be coming soon of our Christmas.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quilt Label and Ornament

I finally got my quilt label on my quilt. Thanks to all those that helped me get it finished and on my bed.

I saw this ornament on a blog, and I am sorry I forgot which one it was but I had to try it. I think it adds some color to my tree. I did it in red because I think some green ornaments hide in the tree. Thank you for the pattern who ever you are.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Finish, Sunrise and Working On

Here are my first finishes for Dec. They are double thick pot holders or hot pads. The green one is with 30 stitches and the striped one is 40 stitches. What a difference in size those 10 stitches made. They are crocheted with cotton yarn and worked as one piece, you only have one short seam to sew closed when you are finished.

This was our sunrise this morning. It was breath taking and as you know I love sky pictures.

I am playing with these maple leaves that Terry cut out many years ago. She used some for a small quilt lately but did not want the rest. I am appliqueing them while waiting for Hubby to have his nerve block injections in his back. He had the first one Fri. and was feeling somewhat better yesterday.