Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stitching and Wrist Warmers

This is a stitchery a friend ask me to make for her. I like it done in just the brown on tan.

My hands get so cold here in the winter when I am on the computer that I thought I would take my daughters suggestion and make myself some wrist warmers. This was my first try and I did change the pattern a little. I think they will do the job for me. The purple is the first yarn I grabbed to play with the pattern but I am going to use them for sure. Who cares what color I have on my wrists when I am by myself on the computer. At least I will have warm hands.

Raining here today and very cool and fall like. We need the rain very much because we have not had a lot of soaking rain all summer. It is suppose to rain all day.

Friday, September 24, 2010

New Curtains and GFG Runner

These are the curtains in my sewing room. It is facing south and gets so hot I can't sew in there in the afternoons. Winter is worse, so I decided to make some curtains to put over the sheers that have been there. This is not a good picture because the sun was shining in the windows but it gives you an idea what it looks like.

This is the fabric I used to make the curtains. I had it in my stash and it was big enough so I used it. One less piece of fabric in my stash. I would not have picked it now but at sometime I used it for something.

This is the GFG runner I have been working on. I did a little machine quilting around the center blocks and outside the green. It came out okay but I sure need more practice with the machine quilting.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Foggy Morning and More Hair Clips

These are pictures after it started to clear out. I did not think quick enough to get them as it got daylight.

More hair clips finished for the craft show next month. I think I am done making them, I have 36 pair finished. I have sold 12 pair to friends already, so I have made 48 pair and I am tired of making them.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clean Sewing Room

After I made my little shelves look so nice the rest of my sewing things were a mess. So this morning I started sorting things out and re-organizing them. I have a very small room that is for my sewing so it is very compact. I do have a bunch of stuff that is going to Goodwill or the likes that people had given me and I was going to use some day. Right, I will never use it because my tastes have changed. Let someone else have it and put it to good use. There are shelves all around this small room. These are mine and the tubs on the floor hold my fabric.

This is the short shelf to the left of my sewing table. My Grandpa cut a hole in this library table for my to put my machine down in so it is level with the table top. It makes a great sewing surface. I have had it since I was in Jr. High.

These shelves are up and to the right of my sewing table. This was Terry's room and the shelves were there when she used it. Makes a nice place to put smaller items. Yes, that is our freezer in her closet. Work out great in there.

These shelves are to the right as you come in the door to my sewing room. The notebooks (binders) are full of plastic sleeves filled with patterns and ideas I have pulled out of magazines. It sure saves space.

I feel very good that it is neat for now. How long it will stay that way, who knows. It is a good days work.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Storm, Flea Market Find & Christmas Breads

These are pictures of the storm we had last night. But we were lucky it was just wind and rain. Wooster where the fair was going on had worse weather. On the East side of town where the OARDC is located a twister touched down. It is a research center for agriculture and had a beautiful area with trees and flowering bushes which are all gone. Also their green houses are smashed plus some of their other barns and buildings. It just wiped out a lot of it plus a floral shop across the road. Some homes had some damage but not as bad and no one was hurt in all of it. Fox 8 news out of Cleveland showed some of it.

I found these last week at a flea market. I think they were for in kitchen drawers to be dividers. They are oak and very heavy. I had no idea what I was going to do with them but for $10 I knew I could use them some how. They are very heavy too.

I decided to stack them. I used double sticky carpet tape on each end, just a small piece to hook them together so they would stay in place.

I then found Glad containers that would fit in the spaces and some small narrow plastic baskets and sorted out my buttons in the Glad containers and put the thread I use the most in one basket and Rick-Rack in the other with a few of my fancy buttons still in their packages.

It sits behind my sewing machine where I can reach what ever I want from it easily. I also put 2 pincushions on top and the extra basket I had. I think it will work out great for me.

Christmas bread baking time. I make Amish Friendship bread every year and use the small pans. I give 3 different flavors to people in gift bags with a hand made ornament and card as their gifts. I will be done baking before Halloween. It keeps well wrapped in Saran Wrap and taped shut in the freezer for 6 months or longer. Everyone has their favorite kind. This is the mess while I am baking. I do 4 batches each time.

First batch out of the oven.

All 4 batches cooling. I will wrap them and label them shortly and get them in the freezer.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lots Of Fair Pictures

These next few pictures are of the haze laying low to the ground on our way to the fair.

This is an old milk delivery wagon which was drawn by horses many years ago. We had our milk delivered this way when I was a child. I guess that makes me pretty old.

The horse on the left is Bob and is a lot taller than all the others in the barn. Terry told me last night she saw them showing him and he won a blue ribbon and was so gentle while being shown.

Miniature horses.

These 3 followed her just like puppies to the barn.

I never saw a gray sheep.

Or a sheep with a brown head.

This was a very noisy barn with all the roosters crowing.

These were Bantom Pullets. Pretty chunky.

Very fluffy bunny. Sorry the picture is a little blurry.

Miniature goat.

Goat to the left at the top of the picture said: neighbors food was better than his own.

Harness racing starting gate. The car has gaits that go out to each side so the horses get a running start to the race. At the starting line the car speeds up and gets out of the way.

Close finish to this race.

We had a great day at the fair. Weather was good but I am beat. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


These are pictures from my front window of sunrises. This was on Monday morning. I am up before sunrise now that it is coming later in the morning.

These are pictures I took this morning, Tuesday. We have a lot of trees so they are always in the pictures too. I love the colors in this sunrise.

As you can tell I love sky pictures.