Saturday, May 15, 2010


This is the flower bed in the north yard of my home. The flowers are almost all in bloom right now. I do have at least 3 more Iris in this bed that are not yet out.

I have shown this Clematis before when it had 1 bloom. It really grew a lot more this year and I cannot believe how many blooms it has.

This is the first bloom on this Clematis. It is on the other corner of the fence. It has more buds to open yet.

These are an old Iris and are a lot smaller than the newer ones.

This is the whole clump of them. I saw my first Humming bird today at the feeder.

This is my pride and joy. I got this Peony from my neighbor and it was not in very good shape. This year it has 5 buds and this is the first to open. It is not fully open but I had to take its picture.

This is my lighter yellow Iris. It also is the first of many blooms to open.

Iris and Peony together.

These plants are in front of my home. I think this is a Geranium of some type. It really spreads.

These are my Chives. There are Sun Drops beside them that are not in bloom yet. Also my bunnies.


  1. Such beautiful flowers, I am truly enjoying your pictures.

  2. What lovely flowers you continue to show us from your yard. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your flowers are so beautiful! I always enjoy seeing them. I like the changes you've made to your blog!

    Take care!

  4. Beautiful flowers! I'm glad to see your red peony blooming! Love you new header too! ;0)

  5. All are beautiful. I especially love the peony. We don't get a good enough chill here to raise them, but I love them.

  6. Your flowers are very pretty, I work out most all day in my flowers and doing some mulching I love your red peony, i have white ones that is full of blooms, and my iris is about all bloom out... Just got love our flowers it makes a home so pretty. Have a great Sunday!

  7. LOVE your flowers! I haven't looked at my iris's in a couple days but they weren't blooming yet. Although all my coral bells are so that is something. I have the hardy geranium too, but mine doesnt spread that bad - i wishi it did though! But then again, maybe it's in too much sun. have a good rainy Monday


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