Thursday, October 6, 2011

Ready For Halloween

Hubby decorated outside for Halloween yesterday. I made this many, many years ago and it gets put out every year.

This shows the smaller pumpkins I made at the same time as the stacked pumpkins.

Hubby found this in a field at the farm he helped at a long time ago. He found it after a bad wind storm but could not figure out who lost it. I love him.

The ghosts with tails are a piece of wood painted with white trash bag streamers. The witch to the right was a witch I bought.

This ghost I also bought and he usually hangs on the door but I have a wreath there now.

Wreath and bat on my door.


  1. Cute decorations. We don't get any kids coming around in our neighborhood on Halloween, so except for a fall flag, I don't do outdoor Halloween decorations any longer. I'll give my bin of them to my daughter to use at her place soon.

  2. I tried to leave a comment yesterday about your wonderful quilt top, but blogger wouln't play with me. It looks lovely and I am sure the quilting will only add to it

  3. Awesome decorations! I am not putting up much this year since we won't be home for it. We seem to be gone most years during Halloween lately. Since 2008 we have only been home for Halloween once and that was last year.


  4. You sure are ready for Halloween! Won't you drop by and see my decorations. I'm having a giveaway!


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