Saturday, October 20, 2012

Preparing to put in a New Storage Barn

We have decided to put a new storage barn on our property.  We are using one that is old and not on our land right now.  That land maybe going up for sale so we need to get this done quick.  This is the lot from out front.

Eric's truck and trailer with tractor.

After taking down a few trees he is leveling the place the barn will go.  There was a lot of thick concrete that had to be broken up and moved out of the way.  It will be put back in the hole before it is filled with gravel.This is all back behind the big tree in the first picture.

Eric and hubby working the spot for the barn.

Putting in the corner stakes so  we know where to frame it up.

Fire wood for Terry.  There was 3 loads of brush to haul away.


  1. It sure does look different over there. I can't wait to see it in person tomorrow.

  2. That's going to keep you busy for a little while. Hope it all goes up easily


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