Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Pillow and Quilt Flimsy

Here is the pillow Terry made me for my birthday on the 17th.  The love seat is not that color brown, it is dark brown.  I have no idea why it looks that color.

It is a flimsy and a good sized one too.  It is for a double bed but it is the biggest I have put that many pieces in.  I will now shop for the backing and insides.  Since I am going to tie it I am looking for a blanket for the insides. That way it will hold together better when it is washed.


  1. Your quilt top looks wonderful! You did a great job on it! :0)

  2. Your birthday pillow is lovely and WOW I love your quilt its beautiful.

  3. Adorable pillow and lovely quilt top. Using a blanket for batting is a great idea. Can't wait to see it finished.

  4. Another lovely gift from Terry, and your quilt top looks stunning!


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