Friday, May 15, 2015

Soup, birds and flower

This is the meatball soup we made the other day and boy was it good.

The Hummers are back and eating well.

We have never had Bluebirds because we are in town.  But this year a pair is nesting in one of our bird houses.  This male wants to sit on my window and look in.  He does not peck at the window, he just sits there.

Here he is in the Trumpet vine that has not leafed out yet.

On my window again.  This went on all evening last night and off and on today.  Not sure why but now I have some of his droppings on my window too.

This is the first bloom on my early Clematis.


  1. The droppings are a small price to pay to have nesting bluebirds in your yard! :0)

  2. you are going to have watching him over the summer


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