Saturday, January 30, 2016

Afghan and Hubby

This is a lap afghan I made for a friend.

This is hubby using his bone stimulater that is suppose to help make his bones grow faster around the metal they put in his back.  He has rods and 3 large screws in his back.  His surgery went great but afterwards his body did not like all that went on and decided not to work right.  He is still using a catheter but hopefully that will go away soon.  He spent 19 days in the hospital and is home with home nurses.  He is feeling a little stronger each day but has a long way to go yet.


  1. He looks happy enough sitting there! :0)

  2. hope they can work things out next week

  3. I love the afghan. I hope he has a speedy recovery x

  4. Wishing your husband a speedy recovery. It is so hard to see them ill. Your afghan is so pretty.


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