Sunday, November 20, 2011


This is an ornament I finished for a swap I do once a year. We also send some goodies with the ornament.

This is my Christmas banner I have been working on. It is from I just love it. I put it up for the picture but took it down again till after Thanksgiving.

I have not been on much this last week because Hubby has had a lot of doctors appointments and tests. He has a back problem that affects the muscle in his leg and it will not hold him up all the time. He has also lost a lot of the muscle in that leg. He will be having a series of 3 injections to block the nerve which will be done in hospital as an out patient. This is the 3rd time it acted up and the second time for shots. The last time they lasted 4 years. We are hoping for the same results. I have also had some health issues but they are better now. It will be a busy time till this is over. Then he will probably have to take therapy for it.


  1. I hope hubby has a great response to the block again.

    I love your cute ornament and banner.

  2. Great finishes and I hope both yourself and hubby get better soon. It will be easier to concentrate on things once his treatment is finished

  3. I hope all the health issues can be resolved at your house. The banner looks nice and the ornament is adorable!

  4. The Christmas Banner is great. Congratulations on having it done. My prayers hope you husband is well soon.

  5. Great banner, hope your hubby feels better soon.

  6. Sweet ornament and love your banner Tudy.
    Sending lots of get well wishes to your husband.

  7. That ornament is so cute! Love the banner too! :0)


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