Saturday, February 22, 2014

Amish Country

We spent Fri. and Sat. in Amish country with our couples group from church.  We stayed in Walnut Creek at the small Inn.  Had great food at the Der Dutchman last night and this morning.  We went to the antique shop there and I found a creamer to match the sugar bowl my Grandma gave me.  I have never seen one in any of the antique places we looked.  It was just a couple of dollars so I could not leave it there.  It is called Gold Iris and Herringbone.

We also shopped for a little fabric for the back to finish my Goodnight Irene quilt and the batting I needed.  Did lots of driving around but the fields are not very pretty so I did not take any pictures.  Maybe we can go down again after some of the grass and other things start to grow in the spring.


  1. That's cool you found the creamer to match your sugar bowl! :0)

  2. Glad you found your matching creamer. Can't wait to see your backing fabric


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