Sunday, June 15, 2014

Painting and Misc.

We painted the last of the dark gray shutters and trim around the property.  Here Dale is putting up the last of our shutters that have been painted.

He also painted the top of the birdhouse fences.

He made the wishing well look better with the gray paint too.

This is the south side of our mobile home.

This is his wood shop barn.  He did the trim but next we need to get the white painted.

My white Clematis is in bloom.

This Portulaca is growing well in this pot.

I found a silver wire plate stand and put my Ball jar spoon holder on it in front of the TV.  I love it there.  I do not use a spoon holder on my stove top and there is no counter beside it to put it on.  So the TV was a good place to display it.


  1. Your home is looking really lovely :)
    Smiles :)

  2. Everything looks great with the gray paint! Nice way to show off your spoon rest! :0)

  3. You have been busy, it will look fabulous when it's all finished

  4. Everything looks great Tudy.I love the bird house and wishing well! Of course, your flowers are looking amazing also.


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