Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More of the Same Stuff

New batch of ornaments. These are felt with a little padding in the center. I added the buttons and then the stitching of Lazy Daisy's between each button. I then blanket stitched them together and made a loop for hanging.

Here is the whole group together.

I have been tatting these for a little while but today I added the tails and got them on the cards for the show. I hope to make a few more before Oct.

This is a better picture of the butterfly from my last post. It has been spending a lot of time on this flower. I also had a mostly black butterfly here today but it was too fast for me to get a picture of it. Maybe next time it shows up.


  1. Very pretty. You do such good work!

  2. Nice ornaments, but I love your tatting!!!

  3. I love my tatted butterfly, it is getting well used.

  4. I love the bookmarks. Would it be possible for me to buy some? (I live in the UK.)

  5. Love your bookmarks. The butterfly is an Easter Tiger Swallowtail. They are beautiful. Haven't seen any in my garden this year, so I can really appreciate yours.


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