Sunday, September 1, 2013

Christmas Bread Starter Made

I just made the starter for my Christmas Friendship Breads.  They will all be in the freezer before Halloween.  I will be baking them every 10 days till I have enough.  It is also called Herman.  I add all kinds of things too it.  I bake them in the small foil pans and wrap them in the same pans.  It keeps it fresher that way.  Certain people like different things in it so I try to remember that and give them the 3 they like in their Christmas bag.  I also add a hand made card and ornament.  Those are finished and ready for the bags when the time comes.


  1. You're so good at planning ahead! :0)

  2. ????? oh no: we need far more details than that...and dont just email me back! I am sure many of us from other countries want to know about this custom. It sounds wonderful! I would love to give it a what is the starter and what do we do with it rofl?????? (pretty please ;-) )


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