Friday, August 10, 2012

Critters and Playing with Fabric

Since I saw 2 Hummers feeding at the same time awhile back, I have seen at least 4 of them at one time out my window.  This male has posted himself on my little fence and seems to be guarding the feeder.  He will sit for a long time without flying away.  He does let the others feed sometimes. You can click the picture to see him better.

Here are just 2 of our many squirrels playing at the bottom of our big oak tree.  We also have the black ones.

I saw this pattern at Pink Penguin.  I just had to try it.  I like it but if I made anymore I would make them a little bigger.  I think it came out fine for a first try.  I have a terrible time picking out fabrics that go together.  I wish Terry lived closer so I could run next door and ask her advise.  But I do think this came out okay.


  1. These are great together, I've used that pattern, and adapted it a bit too. Very versatile

  2. Trudy it is lovely. The fabrics are beautiful together!

  3. Aren't the hummers cute???? I love watching mine.

    Your little bag is darling.

  4. Your basket came out really cute! I love making these baskets for gifts. I make them in three different sizes. Your fabric choices looked great for this project!

  5. Cute little bag! I have two of those. I agree...a bigger version would be nice too! :0)


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