Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tatting and Bottle Covers

This is another tatted butterfly paperclip which was suggested by Marit would make a great bookmark, so that is what I will call it. Thanks Marit for the idea.

Here are 5 tatted butterfly bookmarks which will be sold or used as gifts.

This is a more distant shot of the same bookmarks.

These are bottle covers I made for a friends son. He fills the bottle half full and freezes it. Then when it is time for work he fills it up and off he goes. He wanted something to help stop the sweating from the bottle. This is my solution to his problem. This is a very fat short bottle so I had to make up my pattern to fit it. I hope he likes them.


  1. I really need to find a tatting shuttle, and try again! These are so cute!
    Great bottlecovers too, I'm sure he'll be pleased:-)

  2. Love all those bookmarks and the bottle covers are GREAT.

  3. Great bottle covers and I like the bookmarks also!

  4. You butterflies are gorgeous! I tried tatting years ago but didn't get very far with it. I admire what you can do.


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