Sunday, October 4, 2009

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

No news is good news
First of all, John is doing fine. He's off the sedation but he's taking his good old time waking up. He was able to follow a command for the night nurse so that's a step in the right direction. His vitals are all still good, and the orthopedists were in last night to change the dressing on his leg. Apparently all was well because they didn't say anything to the nurse that would indicate otherwise. That means the skin is doing what it's supposed to and apparently there's no sign of infection in it.Today he has the same nurse as he had on Friday and Saturday. I talked to her this morning and since he's still basically out of it, I'm not going to the hospital today. I need a break and she agreed I should stay home. I'm still going to call in and check with her every few hours and she'll call me if he wakes up enough to talk.The kids are doing fine with all this. The only thing they don't like is that they can't see dad yet. I told them they're not missing much at the moment and they'll enjoy seeing him more when he can talk to them. I'm trying my best to just keep everything around here as routine as possible for them. That's why I'm here when the kids get on the bus and I'm here when they get home. They don't need their schedule disrupted and John wouldn't want it to be. He'd want me to be here taking care of the kids and the house and everything else. Even when he's awake he won't want me sitting at the hospital with him all day. That's just how he is.So today will be a day of rest, so to speak, for us. It will be a pleasant change from all the chaos we've been in the midst of all week. If I had gotten to the store to get batting this week, I might even have done some quilting today! Oh well...maybe next week! :0)

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  1. I'm glad you are taking this day to "rest". And it sounds like John will want you to get proper rest once he is awake and aware. These are good things to hear!


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