Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Decorating done for Christmas 2012

Hubby did all the outside decorating  and helped with a lot of the inside stuff too. Click to see larger picture.

Our home sits level.  I must have been leaning when I took this picture.

Inside decorations.

I put gold wired ribbon on my tree this year for a garland and just love it.  We have a thin tree and I used 4 rolls of 9' each.  Mostly all home made ornaments that I made or had given to me.   I will take up close pictures of some of them later and post them.

My favorite Christmas tree is my button tree Terry made for me many years ago.  It sits on my scanner all year long.


  1. How lovely Tudy! Your home is ready for the holidays now1

  2. It looks beautiful....want to come do mine now????

  3. Hi. I am new to your blog . I am enjoying browsing thru your posts.


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