Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Gifts

Here are some pictures from our Christmas Visits.  These are the 3 afghans I finished early in the year but could not show you.

Katie and Addison at our son Eric's house.  Pictures of Bek and Eric and Terri did not come out well.  I think it might have been a little too dark in the room.

Addison with he baby doll.

These pictures are from our daughter Terry's home. This is the fabric basket I made Terry.  Some pictures at Terry's did not come out well either.  Better check my camera out.

 Brian with his afghan.

Emily with her afghan.

 2 finishes, these are coasters made over used CD's.

This is the fabric basket  I made for Terry.


  1. The fabric basket turned out well in the bigger size

  2. We loved all the gifts! Thank you! :0)

  3. I never clicked that Terry was your daughter lol. Lovely, lovely gifts..all came out perfectly

  4. Wonderful gifts! I'll bet they loved them too.

    I love the idea of the coasters over the CDs.


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