Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Afghan and Flowers

Here is a lap size afghan I made for a Christmas gift.  I made a large Granny Square and then added rows at the top and bottom to make it longer and put a simple single row border on it.  It is in a Frosty Green Red Heart Super Saver yarn.

My Trumpet vine has started to bloom and the Humming birds love it.

These are my Mini Sunflowers.  I have several kinds in this pot but these are the first to bloom.  More are in bud so should be in bloom soon.


  1. Everything looks great! I'm still waiting for my sunflowers to bud and bloom. I planted them way too late.

  2. The afghan is beautiful. The color is so soft and pretty.

    August and sunflowers just go together.

  3. Must be wonderful to see the humming birds visiting the flowers


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