Friday, October 9, 2015

This and That

Sunset on our way home Sunday from Terry's.

Hubby was cleaning up the mess of acorns from our very large Oak tree.  This is the very end of the job.  He got 2 large trash cans full this time.  He had 10-- 5 gal. buckets the last time and there are more on the ground again.  

Bottle cover I made for a friend.

I was gifted some yarn so I made this baby sweater and hat.  I do not know what I will be doing with them yet but I used the yarn.

This is a 2nd. set I made.


  1. Nice sunset pics! The sweaters are cute! :0)

  2. Beautiful sunset! WOW - that's a LOT of acorns!! We don't have oak trees where I live in Texas - so I haven't seen acorns in 5 years - I forgot how fast they accumulate!

  3. They're pretty little sets, I'm sure they will find a home in time


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