Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Doll Blanket

Here is another doll blanket for the Giving Doll.  I used up all the variegated yarn on this one.  But I have plenty of yarn to work with because a friend just gifted me a paper shopping bag of baby yarn and 2 skeins of reg. yarn.

This is a close up of the yarn.  I love d this yarn.

My large afghan project (ripple granny ) is too big to use as a take along project now and the last few days it was too hot to have it on my lap.  I will get back to it soon.  I do not have too much more to do on it.


  1. You're a crocheting machine! LOL

  2. You've been busy. That's pretty yarn

  3. That is really pretty yarn. Beautiful!


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