Saturday, January 15, 2011

Giveaway Collected

Sandy stopped by today and picked up her giveaway gift. She was coming to town so she stopped in and picked it up. I am sure she will post it soon. This is what she got. The tote, knit red slippers, blue knit pin cushion, mints, tatted bookmark and a lemon pie meltable. She love all of it.


  1. I especially loved the pin cushion!! Did you make it yourself?
    Rainbow smiles :] Gloria

  2. Oh, Tudy, you outdid yourself. The gifts were lovely, what a lucky girl Sandy was...A bonus that you live so close together too! Good for her and you got to visit too. Stay warm...Linda

  3. Tudy, how lucky she was to receive such lovely gifts...did you make the bag? How sweet!

  4. How fun to have her stop by to collect all of the wonderful goodies too.


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