Thursday, January 6, 2011

Some Finishes

This is an ornament for a swap I am in monthly. The theme was basket for a couple of months from now. I like to make them as soon as I get the theme. I will be glueing the flowers on yet today. Just wanted to get the picture while I took the next 2.

I only had 1 skein of this yarn so I made a doll blanket out of it. I am sure who ever gets it will love it.

I saw the pattern for this little girls sun top and kerchief and knew this bright pink yarn would look great. So I made it up in no time at all. Not sure who will get it yet but it is neat.


  1. Such cute items....

    You are very industrious...

  2. If it was small enough that little pink outfit would look cute on a baby doll too! :0)

  3. You do beautiful work. I know some doll will love that blanket.

  4. That pink outfit is glorious, going to make someone very happy

  5. Cute items! Great idea to make a doll's blanket with one left over ball of yarn. I think I need to do that to get rid of some of my stash.


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