Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Flowers and Tree Skirt

My Yellow Christmas Cactus is going crazy this year.  My white one only has a couple blooms. The yellow one is on the left and the white is on the right.

Yellow one from the other side.

My tree skirt for this year.  Last year Emily said just putting fabric around the base of my tree was not a tree skirt which all Christmas trees need.  So today I took the fabric I used last year and made it into a tree skirt with lace around the edge.

These are the squares I have to put into 9-patches for my Charming Star Quilt.  Hope to get to sew on them soon.


  1. Your cactus look great! Are your blocks done yet? LOL

  2. I love the cactus...or cacti: they look amazing. The skirt is perfect xx

  3. I love that yellow cactus. I have not seen one of those before. Your "real" tree skirt looks wonderful too.

  4. wow, that cactus has plenty of flowers! Look forward to seeing the nine patch block appear


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