Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wayne County Fair in Wooster OH

Here are the pictures we took at the fair.  Very picture heavy.This is a sign as you enter the fair.


Mini horses looking for a pet on the nose.

Cows napping.

The Black and white one has a very fluffy tail.

Bath time.

Sheep in their pens with coats on to keep them clean.


Tractors that are older.

Getting ready for the horse pull.  

They had to pull this year on the racing track because of too much rain making mud on the normal pulling track which is in the background.  This team was just getting lined up.

Ready to hook.

Hooked and pulling.  They add blocks to this sled after each team has pulled the distance.  Then they pull again and add more blocks till no team can pull it.

One plant display.

Quilts and other needle works.

Garden art.  Can you see the fish in this birds mouth?

Wooden projects.

This is one BIG snow plow.  I sure hope we do not need it this winter.


  1. Great pics! I'm glad you guys had a good day at the fair! :0)

  2. looks like lots to see and do, some great quilts there


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