Monday, August 22, 2016

Birthday and Clouds

We celebrated Tyler's 10th birthday yesterday.  He is our only Great Grandson.  He got 2 sets of army men and money.  He set up this as his battle field.

These were the clouds on our way home last evening.  I love taking pictures of clouds.

Therman the neighbor's cat was guarding the birdbath this morning so another cat could not get a drink out of it.  All the cats jump up into it to drink.  He usually just sits there but this morning he laid down in it.  There is a flat rock in the middle he is laying on.  The other cat is a black one which you can hardly see in the bottom left of the picture.  He laid there for almost an hour.



  1. Cute little guy with his army men!!!! I'll bet there will be no birds showing up. ;-)

  2. I'm actually glad we both got him army men for his birthday. Now he's got lots of them to play with! :0)

  3. glad you enjoyed the family time, that cat looks very comfortable


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