Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sat. Clouds and Flowers

Sat. morning coming back from having blood drawn the sky was beautiful and I just had to take these pictures plus a few more through the van windshield. I loved how they looked against the bright blue sky.

Today I took these 2 pictures of my flowers. This Hydrangia was in a pot and in bloom this spring as a gift and we planted it in the ground and it surprised me today with this smaller bloom. I did not think it would do anything this year.

These are some Mums we planted 2 years ago and they are coming up each year. We did not know if they would or not because most of them did not come back.


  1. Pretty clouds! Nice flowers too! :0)

  2. Love the cloud photos and the mum photo...for some reason, the hydrangea photo didn't show up for me (just a blank box where the photo should be). I have a friend who grows beautiful mums and tell me to cut them way back from spring UNTIL July 4th and then let them grow back as much as they want. His always look SO nice, so I try to do that, too, and have had pretty good luck so far.

  3. Gorgeous cloud formations! Great flowers too!

  4. Pretty! We lost our mums to the drought.
    I will have to start over if I mess with them.
    Do plan on buying some from nursery for Fall decor.
    Pinch back up till around July then let them go. They should not go leggy on you and bloom lots too.
    I took pics yesterday from truck too.;-)

  5. Beautiful photos. I absolutely love your sky.


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