Thursday, September 2, 2010

Major House Cleaning

We are doing a major house cleaning here. All the shelves and hutches need to be cleared off and dusted and everything on them needed washed. Over the last few years I have collected light green glass bottles and jars, along with a few other glass items. They were all very dusty so washing was the only way to go. This is my dining room table full of the things on the shelves and bay window sill in my dining room. They are all washed and ready to put back.

This is one of the hutches my hubby built for me after it was refilled. I keep books in the bottom of it. To the right you can see the corner of my plant stand which also holds some green bottles.

Now for the living room. This is my ladder shelf after in was cleaned and re-organized.

Cornice on the porch side of my living room.

There is a cornice on the other side of the living room too but I did not get a good picture of it because of the sun shining in the windows.

As you can see I have many bottles and other old things that I love, but it was a major cleaning job. Only 2 more rooms to go. Company coming on Tuesday. Not much will be done next week.


  1. Glad it was you and not me! That's a lot of stuff to wash! LOL

  2. You are lucky to have so many lovely display areas for all your newly cleaned treasures, Trudy. LOL - Nothing like 'company coming' to give you that cleaning push - works everytime!

  3. Such a pretty sight, all of your lovely things! I have (had) a lot on display in my other home (we never have put it all out here). Our pastor was visiting one day, looking around, and he finally remarked,"Pokey, how do you dust all of this stuff?" I smiled and said "I don't." I think it caught him off guard ~! *VBG*

  4. Your place looks nice. Nothing like company to get the house cleaned. I was vaccuuming when my kids were little and they asked me who was coming. Nobody was. They couldn't understand why I was working so hard.


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