Monday, August 5, 2013

Christmas Cards

I printed my 45 Christmas cards awhile ago but tonight I added the things I am adding-on to them.  Sorry I can't show you them now.  They just have to dry and I can put them away till later to address them.  As most of you know I plan ahead on most things.  I have a lot of my gifts made and am planning when to start my Christmas breads.  I bought the foil pans the other day. I can almost smell them baking right now.


  1. I ought to start a batch of sourdough. It always smells so good! :0)

  2. You are planning ahead, I'm a last minute person most of the time!

  3. Great that you have your cards ready to go Tudy! Your way ahead of the game...I am looking forward to making those breads again this year as well...thank you for the recipe..


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