Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Day in Amish Country Ohio

First stop was at Ashery's bulk food store. They have re-done the front since we were there last time. Nice place to sit and enjoy their great ice cream on a nice day. To early for that when we were there.

Hubby and his brother and sister-in-law. Hubby has his arm around SIL.

Horse going by as I was taking the last picture.

Then it was off to Mt. Hope Flea Market.

This is the train round house south of Sugarcreek. It is not open to the public but is a neat place to see from the road. If you do a search for Age of Steam Roundhouse on the internet you can see a lot more pictures of it. If you did not know a roundhouse is where they repair the train engines and cars. There is a huge turn table in front where they drive the engines on and turn it so they can pull them into any of the large doors on the building to work on them. My Grandpa worked in one when he was a young man.

Engines and cars on a side track.

Amish team of horses working in a field.

Hershberger's Truck Patch near Charm. This is a new store there with lots of neat items in it.

Pumpkins and mums galore.

This is the building with all the food items in it. Many home made baked goods plus much more.

Buggy rides for a fee.

Real goats up on the roof. They are in a pasture and have a walk way up to the roof. Very different.

Inside the barn of animals. This is a horse and zebra mix I think. Very neat.

Huge work horse. If I remember right he was over 13 hands tall. That is very big for a horse of that kind.

Baby pig.

I think they want to taste hubby's shorts.

A very fluffy baby goat.

Pot belly pig babies.

There were many more animals I did not take pictures of. A very neat place to visit.

I did buy a couple of yards of fabric at Zinck's in Berlin and we went to a few thrift stores in the area. More pictures later. It was a cool but mostly dry cloudy day.


  1. Looks like you're having a good time with the family. Enjoy the rest of the week

  2. So loved your pictures....and I do love Amish country!!

  3. I'm glad you guys had a dry day! We've been by the place with the goats on the roof but have never stopped. We'll have to do that next time we go south! :0)

  4. Thanks for sharring the pictures. They were very interesting.

  5. It looks like it was a great outing.

  6. What a fun outing! I would have enjoyed that kind of an outing too. I am glad you had a great time. I was fun to see all the pictures. I was intrigued with the goats on the roof. How different!


  7. tudy, loved all your pictures and enjoyed the tour immensely; love farm stands and such, especially in the fall...pumpkins gorgeous!


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