Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Is Growing

I have never had this many plants in bloom at this time of the year. March may have Crocus towards the end of the month but this is just crazy.

My Forsythia have never bloomed this much in all their lives. I have 3 bushes in different places in my yard and this year they are all full of blooms.

The Peony are getting tall already.

These are Forget-me-knot's and are a bright blue. They really spread.

My Bleeding Heart is in bloom already too.


  1. oooh, pretty flowers tudy; love to see them; talk about crazy, we had temps at 82 here today, we went to the beach, naturally; gorgeous there even though the water temp is still about 40...

  2. Beautiful flower pics. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The Forsythia is ahead of ours, spring looks like it has really sprung

  4. It's crazy that everything is blooming already. I hope the cold this next week doesn't kill it all off.

  5. It really is a crazy March. My forsythias are a mass of yellow too....and that is with pruning last fall, which you aren't supposed to do! Go figure.

  6. Your flowers are beautiful. It's been a crazy winter and now spring, hasn't it? Really confusing for the flowers and trees.


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